reaches for the sky

In early May we helped with a commissioned flight to promote their new infographic. Here is the final edit of the video they made using our footage:

The flight was routine except for the launch which was in high winds. While we battled to keep the balloon under control, the rocket listed to one side. The landing also saw the balloon skim power lines. But all is well that ends well !

Soar Valley win the Royal Meteorological Society competition to design a weather experiment

Soar Valley College have won the competition run by the Royal Meteorological Society to design a weather experiment.

HAB supplies will be sending the students flight on a high altitude balloon flight in the near future. Well done to all the entrants. There were some interesting experiment designs but in the end, Soar Valley college had was able to demonstrate that they had a hypothesis about the atmosphere and had an idea about how they could test that hypothesis.

Boscombe Down Balloon challenge prize ceremony

Near Space Photography sponsored the Boscombe Down Balloon challenge competition, in which students from schools across the UK competed to send a small HAB tracker the highest and furthest from it’s launch site. We donated the second prize, a free HAB flight, which was won by Ryde Grammar school.


Boscombe Down balloon competition prize ceremony at RAE Boscombe Down. The competition was sponsored by QinetiQ, Cameron Balloons, and Near Space Photography

We are currently planning to meet up with Ryde Grammar school in June to help them claim their prize.


SPOT tracker price increase

SPOT LLC has reorganised their pricing structure to promote the uptake of the SPOT GEN 3 devices. As of 3rd April, 2017, the basic subscription with 10 minute location reports is being eliminated. For our Gen 3 trackers, this means that all location reports will be given at 5 minute intervals. For out SPOT Messengers, location reports will still be given at 10 minute intervals. This, however, does come at a cost and we have had to increase our weekly hire rate to £35. SPOT trackers remain a convenient way of tracking your HAB / weather balloon flight to near space and we offer them at the most competitive rate.

Weather balloon price freeze

We have just taken a new shipment of PAWAN weather balloons. We are freezing the price of 100gm balloons. They are still £26 for a pack of 5 or £52 for a box of 10. We are increasing the price of 1200gm PAWAN balloons with much regret. They are now £62 per balloon (inc. P&P). They still represent the lowest cost 1200gm balloon in the market. The price of the 1200gm balloon shipping to the EU is £74. Check out our shop for details.